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Janice Olynich, Certified Prosthetist. Janice works regularly with veterinary surgeons from the major rehabilitation and referral centres in and around Toronto, and as well with the University of Guelph Small Animal Clinic.  She has fitted Oliver my pup with 2 different leg braces.  Her skills set is very unique and an expert in her industry.

Hellen Alatzakis, CCMT. Dogs have always gravitated to me, with strangers’ dogs allowing me to touch them in a way that was more than petting. I work mostly with convalescing dogs (recovering from surgery or injury), aging dogs, anxious dogs, and dogs whose owners like their dog to be in optimal shape through maintenance massage. I practice Canine Massage Therapy in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Areas of York and Durham regions

Dr. Debbie Boyd, DVM/TCM, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Homotoxicology. She has treated Oliver with PRP and Stem Cell therapy to his osteoarthritic elbows. She is truly a wise and kind healer.

Dr. David Feldman, Human and Expert Animal Chiropractor. He keeps Oliver’s spine in line and pain free.  Due to his broken right leg his pelvis misaligns easily.  He is part of our pain management team.  Oliver eagerly anticipates, accepts, and appreciates his sessions (the kisses for David at the end say it all).

Jack blissed out.

Sheila Trecartin, Animal Communicator & Medium.  She considers it an honour to be a communication bridge between pets and their caregivers.  Oliver is in her bi-monthly distance healing group.  Oliver is calmer and more accepting of himself and world around him after the healing group sessions.  She helped our dogs cross over and has helped us navigate tenuous situations by sharing our dogs thoughts/feelings. She is an earth angel.

Bonnie Pomeroy has an esoteric connection to the metaphysical universe. Her multifaceted affiliation with the high heavens allows her to channel from the cosmos, plant and animal kingdoms, using sacred geometry, crystals and oracle cards (that is not a complete list of her resources).  Her advanced knowledge with crystals and grids allows for a continuous flow of healing energy during her attunements.  Her messages from the universe are illuminating to your inner state and what it needs to hear. She has worked on me and my pets allowing us to find a more grounded peaceful state of being

Awaken “Our reason of being is to plant the seeds to ‘awaken’.”  They are here for everyone. Whether you are a first timer starting your spiritual journey who knows nothing about crystals or an advanced spiritualist, they welcome all.  Everyone experiences their own awakening in a unique way.  Their merchandise will ethically sourced and top quality.

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Services are not a substitute for veterinary care; rather complimentary care.

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