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Why you need  help …

I clear up your confusion surrounding what medication,  treatment, intervention,  therapy has been recommended by your Veterinarian.   

 Ask yourself these questions ….

Are you unclear on why something has been prescribed or finding a treatment is really all that affective?  

Do the recommendations sit well with you? 

If a recommendation is not sitting quite right within you … listen to your intuition.

Are there multiple drug prescriptions or a medication given to fix the side effects of a medication prescribed?

Are you aware of side effects/long term effects?

 Were you given natural alternatives before looking at pharmaceuticals?

Was your animal examined from many perspectives?  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopath, Homeopath, Osteopath, Pain Management, Nutrition for a comprehensive evaluation?

Was your appointment under 15 minutes? 


I will dismantle the technical talk, provide insight to the pros/cons of the suggested treatment and suggest alternative method(s) to manage the health concern.  Consults are 1.5-2 hours in length.  People/animals are complex beings and the interrelationships between organs, diet and environment need to be evaluated to determine the root cause and best course of action.  Most Veterinarians do not have the training to be able to assess these factors and prescribe a ‘bandaid’ solution.

Client case example:  Charlie is a 3 year old Bassett Hound.  Severe allergies manifesting is chronic gut intolerances, cranky, irritable, weeping eyes, skin sores, yeasty red ears, itchy feet and under belly.  After doing allergy testing the DVM recommended 3 different kibbles and 2 very intense pharmaceuticals.  When I looked at the allergy test results and compared the ingredients within the recommended foods to her test results, all 3 foods contained foods high levels of the foods she was allergic too!!  Not only did the DVM not have the insight to compare the allergy tests to the ingredient list on the recommended food, but there was also a complete lack of knowledge surrounding a kibble based diet and its impact on the dogs health. 

Charlie was grumpy, nippy and miserable when her owner came to me.  I moved her to home cooked, suggested natural anti-inflammatories and healed her gut.  She is a happy, loving life and healthy girl now. 

I can help you make sense about supplements, nutrition, food, medication and alternative method(s) to address health concerns. 

I have the expertise to help your pet.  My background as a Critical Care Registered Nurse of 34 years, former Animal Health Technician, Nutritionist with training in multiple holistic modalities for dogs and horses allows me to provide a critical analysis of what your pets situation is, where it is heading and the various avenues you can take to manage.

 I started HealWell Animal Care because I couldn’t find the expertise I was looking for in caring for our new pup who was very complex care.  He had 9 Veterinarian’s for the first 2 years of his life.  The conventional Vet’s had absolutely no idea what I was suggesting as a better course of treatment.  Now two of those Veterinarians are my clients.

Who you are…

You are a person who cares deeply for their animals well being …body, mind, emotions, spirit.  Your pet is your lifestyle and not a household accessory.  You are interested in holistic care for yourself and learning how holistic care can open your mind/heart to treating the whole animal. 

There is a saying “the devil is in the details”, and this is true of understanding human and animal health care.  It is the smallest detail that when understood within its relationship with the whole that root causes are revealed

Appointments can be in person or zoom.   Leave lots of time, take notes, get educated to be able to make informed decisions.  Your pet’s health is based on your decisions and too many decisions are left to those who only see half their story.

I am happy to have a discovery call to see if your animal’s situation and myself are a good fit.  If you goal is to only save money then your mindset is in the wrong place for us to have a constructive working relationship.  I wish everyone (and their animals) who has spent the time reading this page all the best in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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