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Things You Need To Know

Sometimes it’s clear when your furry friend needs a little extra care. Other times, changes can sneak up on us. And let’s face it, animals are masters at hiding discomfort.

Here are some signs that it might be time to schedule an appointment with HealWell Animal Care: you are not getting results from your regular healthcare provider, the issue(s) still exist even with treatment, there are chronic skin, gastrointestinal or anxiety issues.

Muscle/Bones/Joints:  your animal isn’t putting pressure on a limb, struggles with daily activities like jumping or getting up, seems low on energy, shows muscle loss, has had surgery or needs it, is experiencing pain, could use a tune-up or injury prevention for agility or competition, or you simply want to explore the benefits of complementary care.

For more information, check out our helpful resources: the Pain Scale for Dogs Chart and the Pain Scale for Horses Chart. And remember, we’re always here to help.

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At HealWell Animal Care, I believe in truly understanding your beloved pet.

During the initial appointment, I will carefully assess their physical alignment, as well as explore other underlying factors that may be impacting their well-being. This includes considering their disposition, diet, environment, and any patterns in your household or barn.

By gaining a deeper understanding of what has led them here, I can create a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into account your animal’s unique quirks, personality, early experiences, medical history, and normal behaviors.

Remember, just like us, animals are multifaceted beings! If you’d like to learn more, feel free to click the “BACK ↰” button.

At HealWell Animal Care, we take a comprehensive approach to assessing your animal’s musculoskeletal condition, skin, nutrition, environment and activities of daily living. For example joints and bones entail considering their gait, posture, pain, daily activities, and their unique constitution.

We delve into their unique characteristics such as being hot or cold, timid or anxious, angry or despondent, and whether they feel better in the morning or evening.

Skin issues most often stem from a gut or microbiome imbalance and once corrected the body can heal itself.

By understanding their presenting symptoms, unseen symtoms via their constitution, we uncover the root cause of their condition and develop a roadmap for effective treatment.

At HealWell, we’re committed to providing holistic care that considers not only the physical state of the animal but also their personality and constitution.

Together, we enusre every animal lives well.

Understanding your expectations is crucial in guiding your session at HealWell Animal Care. We want to know what your primary concern is.

It could be anything from pain management and post-operative care to senior support, diet/nutrition, skin issues, allergies or a recent diagnosis. By discussing your findings, we can develop effective strategies to address your concerns, and we will ensure to provide you with the necessary next steps.

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• Ensure your animal doesn’t experience any major stressors just prior to the appointment. Having them in a calm mental state is the best place to start the session.
• Ensure they are exercised (if appropriate) and not too hungry.
• Liver or duck treats (dogs) and apples or carrots (horses) are used as motivation and reward during their session.
• If your animal is on a special diet or has a favourite treat, have them available to use during their appointment.
• Be prepared that, initially, you may be asked to be your animal’s personal cheerleader until they get used to what’s happening. The best motivation for an animal during an evaluation is encouragement from their family.
• Have your animal relieve themselves just prior to their session.


• Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Saturday, or Sunday by special request/circumstance.
• Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance. If less, and the timeslot is filled, there’s no charge. However, if the spot remains open fees will apply.
• If there is a medical emergency contact your Primary Care Veterinarian or Emergency Clinic. This is not DVM service.


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Services are not a substitute for veterinary care; rather complimentary care.

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