Helping Every Animal Live …. Well

 Why HEALwell

Can you imagine a wholistic healthcare system for healing for dogs, horses, small and farm animals that nourishes all parts of their being?   Their whole story needs to be understood.  Healing only takes place when they can align with nature and values the connectedness of mind, body, spirit and soul.  Heal the whole …not a part as our/their interconnectedness can not be reduced to a part.

My wish is to empower you with natural and holistic options for their care, rehabilitation and health management.

I will deconstruct the mainstream and alternative health care information, taking you from confused and overwhelmed to well-informed and empowered.

Ease into a kinder, gentler, natural and holistic therapeutic plan that offers them freedom from fear or pain.  My care is grounded in empathy, compassion and respect for their sovereignty.   Embrace different methods of providing a comfortable life for your beloved.

This is a new way to provide care in an outdated system and by trusting in it your human-animal bond will be strengthened

Kelly Dolson RN (CC/OR), BA, BASc, MSc, Neurofunctional Medical Acupuncture Practitioner, Practitioner of Animal Acupressure, Reiki Master & Practitioner for Humans/Animals, CCMT, CCSP, ANMRP.


Since I can remember all animals have lit up my heart and brought me joy! If you are reading this, you understand.

HealWell (Helping Every Animal Live …. Well) came from the necessity of learning to care for our family pup who had complex bone, joint and organ issues. His whole story needed to be understood….body, mind, soul. I enjoyed a 25-year career as a Critical Care Registered Nurse in a downtown Toronto teaching hospital then shifted my focus from the medical model to a preventative model. I owned/operated a successful Pilates & Rehab studio for 13 years. During Covid I made the decision to shift to my true love of working with large and small animals; post-surgical, seniors and those who are simply run down. Sessions are a blend of scientific knowledge drawn from being a former Animal Health Technician and Registered Nurse along with the practical skills of manual, fascial and laser work. Equally important is the application of the natural healing realms of osteopathic/naturopathic/homoeopathic practises and medical intuition/reiki. I manage complex situations that need insight and understanding from both medical and alternative realms.

All-inclusive healing only takes place when your animal can align the physical with the connectedness of body, mind and soul. Heal the whole …not a part as their interconnectedness can not be reduced to a part. This is a new way to provide care in an old-fashioned care system and by trusting in it, your human-animal bond will be strengthened.

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Services are not a substitute for veterinary care; rather complimentary care.

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