Why HEALwell

Is your pet not his/her usual energetic self?  I offer sessions in my home office or on-site at your home/barn. I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse of 33 years who transitioned into caring for animals. I am qualified with canine massage, laser therapy for dogs/horses, acupressure and constitutional support.

I am the proud owner of a rescue pup with extremely complex musculoskeletal issues.  Navigating between mainstream and complementary treatments has been the key to his pain and arthritis management.  HEALwell evolved as a path to Helping Every Animal Live well through their own customized healthcare plan using all my diverse healthcare knowledge. 

Dunlop here!

It is easy to see how much Kelly loves and cares for dogs, and they love her! My dog, Dunlop, received a series of massage and laser treatments to address her Osteoarthritis and aging 10 year old body. I am extremely impressed with the positive changes I see in her comfort and ease in mobility. Dunlop stands up a little faster and walks with a lift in her stride, she is definitely happier. Because of Dunlop’s remarkable changes, we will continue with monthly treatments.

My name is Oscar.

I am a COVID pup with anxiety about people in the street, cars, bicycles and sometimes other dogs if they are too big. I see Kelly regularly for massages which always relax me and my mom says I am less reactive after her massages.

Hello! I am Oggi the Shorkie.

I am super cute but I have a lot of small problems with my health that worry my mom. I have allergies & anxiety and sometimes I have them separately & sometimes together. These things really bother me so that when I feel under the weather my mom calls my friend Kelly who gives me attention and help which brings me a lot of relief & soothes me back to health. I couldn’t live without my friend Kelly’s help and guidance to take care of my mind and my belly.
Thank you Kelly.

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Services are not a substitute for veterinary care; rather complimentary care.